Golden and Club Roles


Rugby Golden Roles

Role Description Responsibility
Chairman This role is to be the point of contact for the club for all outside agencies.  To liaise with local and National RFU contacts to ensure the club complies with all regulations and meets at least the minimum requirements necessary.  To attend all RFU seminars etc. to ensure club compliance.  To develop and write yearly plans to make sure the club achieves RFU accreditation status.  To work for and deliver what is best for the club.  To make day to day decisions on the running of the club and liaise with club directors over any issues that may directly affect the clubs future, and to provide advice and guidance to other roles as required.  D O’Connor
President Required to be the ‘ceremonial head’ of the Club, meet and greet away team officials, meet and greet County representatives. Official hand shaker. D Toumin
Coaching Co-ordinator  This role is to ensure liaison between coaches within the club at all levels.  Will be point of contact from the RFU and the County, will be expected to liaise with coaches and be on top of rule changes.  TBC
Safeguarding This role is to ensure that the club meets its responsibilities with regard to safeguarding – this will include ensuring that all coaches and those who have access to young or vulnerable people’s information are DBS checked.  This person is also the link to the County’s Safeguarding Officer.  J Briggs
Mini Contact 5-11  Point of contact for anyone wishing to access the club through England Rugby.  J Briggs
Youth Contact 12-18  Point of contact for anyone wishing to access the club through England Rugby.  J Briggs
Volunteer Co-ordinator This role is to liaise with all those who volunteer within the club and to seek to attract more volunteers to support the club.  J Lindsay
Hon Treasurer The treasurer is responsible for keeping of the club accounts and ensuring that the bills are paid in a timely manner.  The treasurer also arranges for the club accounts to be audited by an accountant prior to submission to Company’s House.  C Chapman
Referee Co-ordinator This role is to ensure liaison between any referees the club may have and to link with the County’s referees for fixtures.  D O’Connor
Data Officer  This role ensures that players are registered in accordance with England Rugby and GDPR regulations.  Responsible for uploading data onto the Game Management System (GMS) and that the ‘Golden Roles’ of the club are kept up to date.  A Nilson
Club Medical/First Aid Lead Is the point of contact for medical issues and ensures that the club has suitable first aiders for each team.  Also ensures first aid supplies are correctly stocked. G Kolovos
L Milburn
Women and girls contact over 13 Point of contact for anyone wishing to access the club through England Rugby.  J Briggs
Adult male contact 19+ Point of contact for anyone wishing to access the club through England Rugby.  TBC
Fixtures Secretary This role is to be the contact for all of the clubs fixtures, liaising with other club representatives for fixtures, the Council for booking of the pitch, and the County representative to report the result of the match and raise any issues with playing a fixture.  D O’Connor
International Ticket Contact This role is to be the contact for England Rugby for the sale of all England’s home international tickets and the away fixtures for the Six Nations games.  Ensuring that England Rugby are paid for the tickets and club members pay for their tickets.  The onward sale of the tickets is forbidden outside of the club and the nominated person is the person accountable  to England Rugby.  A Nilson
Discipline Secretary this role is to be the liaison between the club and the County for any sending off of rugby players.  The County must be informed on the day of the infringement and the appropriate paperwork must be completed in line with the timings issued by the County to meet the scheduled disciplinary hearings.  It may be necessary to attend the hearings in support of the player(s).  G Kolovos
Hon Secetary This role is to act as the main link between the club and the County and also England Rugby.  All official correspondence will go to the Secretary.  This can include new rules, responding to consultations such as age grade, ticketing, responding appropriately to the County/other clubs such as the death of players/members etc.  A Nilson

Other Roles

Role Description Responsibility
Media / Communications Standardize and develop club communications and social media.  Develop and update club’s website. M Faulkner
T Holmes
Membership Officer To collect all membership fees from all players and members, help develop other possible membership streams.  G Bunn
Sponsorship Officer To develop sponsorship opportunities for the club and develop packages to help the club interest further sponsors.  M Faulkner
T Holmes
County Representative To attend the County meetings as representative for the club, feeding into the discussions on rugby within County Durham and providing updates back to the club.  P Burr
Team Managers To ensure that the team is ready on match days.  Provide support to players, ensure kit is ready and travels to and from the fixture.  TBC
Entertaiment To develop and promote events for both players, members and families to encourage growth of the club.  TBC
House and Grounds Food – To provide match day sustenance for initially the opposition team and whoever wants it after that.
To ensure that all strips are laundered in time for the next match.